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Hi, I am Yuvraj Salgaonkar and I am a professional photographer.

My camera is an extension of my eye, my mind, my heart… I see the world around me in frames. I see moments when I see people. I believe there is an innocent voyeurism in all humans. We like to see beauty, love and special moments around us. I make an effort to capture them. There is a story in every moment of our lives, not necessarily only on eventful days but I believe every day is an eventful day filled with moments that when put together make the journey of our life. I enjoy preserving those moments for posterity so that we could cherish them whenever we want to and relive the magic of those once in a lifetime moments.

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We are specialized in Weddings, Commercial and Couple Portraits. We love to capture the Spontaneity, Genuine Expressions and Uninhibited Emotions – these are the things that I personally focus on when photographing a wedding or an engagement session.

  • Quality in every detail
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Time is money
  • Our assets are our clients, team and reputation
  • Timely execution of projects
  • Experienced Team
  • Valuable industry experience
  • Use of latest technology

We love weddings , we love being that pair of eyes, that captures the little details that might otherwise go unnoticed. We get to see the bride’s anxiety while getting ready, a mother’s proud eyes watching her daughter put on her dress, a father’s blessing, a groom’s nervousness and finally, the joyful calm a couple radiates once they are reunited at the altar. Every single moment is just spectacular, and we make sure that all memories to be captured forever so whenever they see the images they should feel like it’s their wedding day and bring smile and laugh on their face

We are one of the leading wedding photography & cinematography company based in Goa (India) , Our team of professional candid photographer & cinematographer is here to capture your Wedding in most luxury style.

We provide our clients high quality portraits, in a friendly and professional environment. We deliver, all the time, an excellent customer experience with every contact. We create lasting memories, mementos and artistic communication material for our clients.

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Wedding Photography - 10 years
Cinematography - 8 years
Portraiture - 7 years
Fashion - 6.5 years
Architectural - 5 years


A full-service digital agency


Our team of professional photographers & cinematographers who work artistically to offer flawless Photography & Cinematography Services to our clients. We use the best in class up-to-date latest photography & cinematography equipment’s.

Wedding Photography

  • Quality in every single detail;
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Experienced Team

We undertake both Candid wedding photography in Goa as well as traditional style of wedding photography.
Mostly we will be mixing up both candid wedding photography and traditional wedding photography to serve all kind of interests.


We as Indians have always wanted to be a part of a Bollywood film. Well, now is the chance to make that really happen. With Cinematography in place, a wedding “film” is what helps every groom turn into Raj and Simran from DDLJ.

Of course, if you aren’t that kinds, we can always look at creating your own unique story

Commercial Photography

Our core speciality is Candid Wedding Photography. We capture the real essence of the wedding and click all the possible expressions of the couple thereby creating beautiful memories for them. And be rest assured, we would not ask you to pose for us in those awkward stances